To the trees!

What a delayed post! Upon our arrival, we had to dive straight back into both our jobs and including one new one for me (Ashley) but we are FINALLY updating our blog! SO! On our last day in Washington, we were determined not to leave without visiting Treehouse Point in Falls City. We took the 2 [...]

Wander Washington…

We're sitting in Starbucks in Kent, stealing their internet, editing photos and waiting for 8:50 pm to roll around so we can board our plane and sadly, leave Washington. We were to tired after our trip to Treehouse Point to go hiking in Tiger Mountain National Forest like we planned. Everything about this state has left [...]

Mount Rainier, WA

We wanted to give you a more detailed update on our current trip to Washington State. Guys, this place is MAGICAL! If it isn't on your bucket list, you most definitely need to add it immediately. Tonight, since Mother Nature and the mountain straight whooped our butts, our update will be on just today's adventures. [...]

We’re brand reps!

While I haven't posted in a while, I've been working on my newest venture with my sister Loren! It's a collaboration of both of our travels and adventuring individually and together! Currently we are prepping for our upcoming trip next week to Mount Rainier, Washington! (We are so excited) We created an instagram purposely just [...]

Tassels Tassels Tassels!

Another reason I wanted to start blogging is that there are so many small businesses that I admire. Being a small business owner myself, I love to see individuals create their own opportunity by turning their passion into a profitable and enjoyable way of making a living. Which leads me to my first small-business-girl-crush! Kendra [...]